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Why Cosmeceuticals Skincare

Although a high-street cosmetic product can contain beneficial ingredients contained in cosmeceutical products such as ‘Glycolic Acid,' ‘Hyaluronic Acid,' or ‘Salicylic Acid,' you will find that the high-street products use a substantially weaker type of the ingredient, meaning they will not produce the same results as cosmeceutical skincare.

Cosmetic skin beauty products from the high street can only treat the epidermis' top layer.

They are made with cosmetic-grade ingredients that will momentarily enhance the appearance and feel of the skin, but they will not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to offer medicinal benefits.
They're working on the skin's dead layers (stratum Corneum).
Also the most costly goods are limited to this layer and cannot penetrate any further.
To make the creams smell good and feel nice on the skin, beauty cosmetics are filled with extra ingredients that cause discomfort and sensitivity, such as perfumes and oils.
The amount of active ingredients that can be used in High Street goods is regulated by laws that restrict the number of active ingredients that can be used.

Cosmetics, on the other hand, are not the same...